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Rainwater Harvesting

Black Diamond Eco Solutions is revolutionizing the spill containment industry by offering a line of unique and innovative rainwater harvesting products. Why rainwater? It is one of the most underrated, inexpensive, and easiest solutions to the dilemma of an increasing population facing decreasing resources. The uses are endless: small systems can be used for irrigation, water features, and an emergency water supply when properly filtered, while larger systems can be used in cooling operations, larger water features, for cleaning purposes, irrigation, and even as a completely independent source of potable freshwater.

Imagine conserving water, helping to prevent storm-sewer overflow, and never paying for water again. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Collecting and utilizing rainwater provides all of these benefits, and more. Our products allow you to use rain on your terms, not nature’s. Rainwater has been exploited for thousands of years across the globe, we just made catching it easier. Black Diamond rainwater harvesting products offer rain on demand when you need it most. Water Smarter. Rainwater.